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It may happen that the LTD/STD Plan Administrator or the Social Security Administration decides to stop your disability benefits, which it may do for several reasons.  Here are a few of those reasons:


You make too much money or have too many assets:

If you exceed the income (or asset requirements for SSI) of the disability program, you will no longer be eligible for benefits.

You are no longer disabled:

The LTD/STD Plan Administrator or SSA determines that your illness or impairment has improved to the point that you no longer meet the disability criteria. This determination may be made after an eligibility review of your case or because you are enrolled in the Ticket To Work program under SSI rules and the resultant income you earn disqualifies you from receiving disability benefits.

You have turned 18 years of age:​

If you’ve been getting disability benefits as a minor, these may stop when you reach the age of 18. The disability benefits don’t automatically stop on your birthday, but there is a process to go through to establish if you are still entitled to SSI benefits beyond your 18th birthday as an adult.

You have been institutionalized or incarcerated:

If you have been institutionalized or jailed for more than 30 days, your SSI benefits could stop, but only for the time you are institutionalized or incarcerated. In some instances, a felony conviction may mean a permanent stop to your SSI benefits.

If your disability benefits have ceased, or you have gotten a letter that they are about to stop, or if you are approaching your 18th birthday, you may need help finding out if or how you can ensure your disability benefit payments can continue. Our experienced attorneys can answer your questions and may be able to help you get continuing disability benefits. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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